Mandi + Phill….forever


Meanwhile…back in the States….I was doing the bridesmaid thing!  My best friend from college, Mandi, finally married her highschool sweetheart (it only took them 14 years to get up the nerve to tie the knot!).

It was an honor to be a part of the wedding and I did just fine going stag to a wedding, although, it was a little pathetic when those slow songs came on!  Luckily, there were several other single ladies there and we swayed to the beat as a group!

Congrats Mandi and Phill and thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!  XOXOXOXOXO….Bon Ap!

All the ladies with the bride-to-be

Bridey, Mandi!


Hard at work being a bridesmaid...can't you tell?!


Hair and makeup did?....check!


Mandi did and Phill did too...then they for the reception!

Party bus (BTW, those are...ummmm....AWESOME!)


No words can really explain this...



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