Quicksand! (oh, and Mont St. Michel too)…


Obviously, we didn’t travel 4 hours to go sink our feet in quicksand, but I have to be honest that it sure was the highlight of the trip for me!

Mont Saint Michel is gorgeous…as you can see.  It is an ancient Abbey that is built on top of…you guessed it….a rock (hence, the mont in “Mont Saint Michel”.  And, that pretty much sums up my knowledge of this particular Abbey. Hey, it’s more than I remember about other Abbeys!

For your future reference, I highly recommend submerging your feet in some ooey-gooey quicksand. It is great for the skin!  And, don’t worry… it is not as dangerous as the movies make it look (Anyone remember the scene from Swiss Family Robinson?  Or was I the only one who loved that movie?!)

Bon Ap!

See the molehill in the background? There she blows...Mont St. Michel.

Drumroll please....

Getting closer...

BAM! I am pleased to introduce you too Mont St. Michel.

The 3 amigos...do you like my new hairdo? It is the style here in France!

And now for my newest guilty pleasure (I have lots)...glorious quicksand!

For as far as the eye can see!

On a normal day, I am about one foot shorter than Bachelor David!


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