My first famous person in Paris!


Let’s see…I have been in Paris now almost 10 months and 0 famous people have been spotted…until now!  When Susan and Tommy were here, it all changed! I wouldn’t say it was anything earth-shattering since I barely even knew who this famous person was.  He is no Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, or Leonardo DiCaprio–but–nonetheless…he is famous.  Dev Patel.  Yeah, the guy from Slumdog Millionaire.  Don’t remember?  See the photos below.  Luckily, Susan was with me and cared enough to ask “Who is that?” when the crowds were swarming.

Yup, I saw Dev Patel–don’t be too jealous!  Bon Ap!

10 months and this is the only famous person I get?!


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