Tourism at it’s best!


Leave it to Susan and Tommy to stick out like a sore thumb even more than me.  Seriously, there is no denying that I am an American in Paris, but I hide it a little better than these two!  We had such a good time, but sometimes I felt like they were pulling me back down to the tourist level…not my newly acquired “resident” level.  Ha ha!  The day that the Parisians accept me as a “resident” will be the day that cows, pigs, and horses fly!

To Susan and Tommy:  We are SO glad you came to visit!  We had so much fun with you guys and here are a few reasons why!  Bon Ap!

Please note–LOTS of sarcasm used in the below entry!

I had no idea this was a real person...leave it to the "tourists" to point that out to me!


Louie Vuitton Baby!

I love this photo because of the photo bomber in the background!

Who else would take a pic of the Metro entrance?!

"So excited to be here!"

Daniel! Don't do it...don't go to their level! We are at a cafe for Pete's Sake!

OMG! Riverboat on the Seine! *CLICK*

And what BEAUTIFUL sunsets Paris has!

Only the best tourists appreciate gargoyles (see one of my posts from the first time I visited Notre Dame!)

Look at me! Don't worry....they all were!

And us too 😦

Tommy can hardly contain his excitement!

Why not?!

No words can express my embarrassment...

This is their "Badasses in Paris" photo!

Yeah, this is my "Badass in Paris" photo. See? Sucked in to their madness!

Looks important...better *CLICK*

"What?! I am a tourist!"

Now this is the ultimate shot...the Eiffel Tower and Napoleon's Tomb!

Our shadows...but in Paris--WAY cooler!

Tommy likes to make fun of my posing, but I think he has some tricks of his own!

Another great example of posing...

Notice: HUGE camera that THIS tourist was carrying around!

And again, even with a giant tree, you can still see my giant camera...such tourists!

No idea?! The wine doesn't help my memory either!

Tommy got right on board with it though!

ULTIMATE TOURIST SHOT! Yes, that's the Eiffel Tower on her tongue...

Look at those guns...which way to the gun show?!

Are you from America?


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