Under the Tuscan Sun…without me!


Where was I you ask?  Back in Little Rock…working.  Susan, Tommy and Daniel were all off having a BIG time in Cortona, Italy.  Jealous?  Yes…yes I was!

In all honesty, it worked out perfect.  Tommy and Susan planned to spend some time in Italy with T’s family and then head over to hang out with poor Julie once I returned.  Even though I wasn’t there, I have to show some pics from their trip to Italy.  It looks like something straight out of “Under the Tuscan Sun”.

Pretty as a postcard...


Before heading out to the countryside, they stopped in Rome to say "hi" to the Pope!


And make wishes in the wishing well...


Ooops...redo. Penny bounced back (do you think that is a bad sign?!)


Three's Company!


Who can resist a good nun pic when in Rome?


Europeans say that Americans love fountains...is that why they have so many for us to enjoy?


Back to the villa for a little R&R...looks like the rough life, eh?!


A twinge of jealousy just came over me!


And...for the first time on the blog...give a warm welcome to Cynthia, Kelly, and Big T!


Praying to the Sun Gods, "Please let me get tan skin...not roasty red this time"


Three Amigos again (I am sure they were all missing Julie!--it sure does look like it)

And now…sidenote.  The main excursion in Cortona Italy is a hike up the side of a mountain to go visit Saint Margherita.  Supposedly, those who are truly saints do NOT decompose and smell like roses when they die (something to look forward to at my funeral :)).  Well, this woman/saint sits at the top of this hill for about 900 years and still looks relatively…um…newly dead?  So, DTS (Daniel, Tommy, Susan) hike up this hill in the 90 degree weather just to realize that it is closed for the afternoon siesta!  Welcome to Europe my friends–nothing is ever as easy as it seems!

Probably taken BEFORE they realized it was siesta time!

Bon Appetit!  I am back to blogging, so get ready for some long posts!  This one was no exception!


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