A little background information for you…Tommy (my brother-in-law) HATES fedoras!  Hates them with a passion.  That is…until…he gets a few glasses of wine under his belt!  Next thing I knew, we were in a souvenir shop with my sister speaking the worst French in history (pr: Bone Jur for bonjour) and Tommy slapping down the cash to buy us both a lovely, stylish fedora.

I don’t know why he was fighting it so hard!?  He clearly loves a good fedora…even if he does call me an “A$$hole” every time I put the thing on my head!  Thanks Tommy…I love my new fedora!  And Susan, BONE APE to you!

Rocking the 'dora!

Looking a little like Gomer Pile, but still good.

Also, Gomer Pile, but good.

And look how sad Tommy is that he didn't pick one up for himself!


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