Daniel goes to the nursing home…


Daniel will now be joining me in the nursing home now that he has reached the ripe ‘ol age of 3-0.  Please visit us.  They allow family and friends to visit every other Thursday from 2pm-4pm–right before our early bird dinner!

In all seriousness…Daniel did turn 3-0 and we had quite a few days of good celebration.  Having Susan and Tommy here for the big day was really special and made him feel like he was back in Arkansas, which he needed after 9 months in France!

Daniel’s birthday was done in phases.  Phase I:  Celebrate with Susan and Tommy and Phase II:  Ireland.  Let’s just cover Phase I first.

I brought a cake mix home from the USA (since they don’t have such a crazy luxury over here) and we made Daniel chocolate cake with caramel icing.  Then, we had candles, and ample vino to go around.  Afterwards, we headed out to dinner in Montmarte and had a ball–see for yourself!  Bon Ap!

Happy Birthday Daniel! I love you...

My Sous Chef...thank goodness! Baking goddess I am NOT!

Like I said..ample vino...and champagne...and cidre!

Big Buds! Both...oldy moldy 30-year-olds!

While the rest of us were enjoying cake and ice cream, Birthday Boy was on the phone saying "thank you" for all of the birthday wishes and presents from the U.S.! He was missing out!

Daniel and all of his goodies! Hope you enjoyed your big 3-0!

I got Daniel and extra special gift for his big day-a Raymond Weil watch from Switzerland. I think I did good because he treats it like a baby. Everyday: wraps it in the case every night and polishes it in the morning before work! 🙂

Happy Birthday Daniel Barnett and sorry for the belated post (I have been a BAAAAD Blogger lately!) Love you so much and I don't think you look a day older than...let's go with 25!


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