Cannamara Castle = Gorgeous


Just on the outskirts of Galway, Ireland…there exists a large, sweeping castle that sits atop a beautiful, picturesque hill in the forest.  This magical castle overlooks the majestic countryside and pristine water just filled to the brim with lily pads, snow-white swans, and tattered canoes. 

Sound nice?  Well, it was.  Cannamara Castle would be the “fairytale castle” that I am referring to above.  We figured since Ireland is the “land of castles” that we better visit at least one.  Turns out…this was a good one to see.  The castle itself is now an abbey but the grounds around the castle were something you could visit for days.  For that reason, this will be a 3-part series so bear with me.  Bon Ap!

I'm gonna be honest with you...I took this photo of a postcard. Cheating.

This is all my doing though...

Daniel hates these "artistic" photos, but I LOVE them so please enjoy.

Even Photoshop can't make this stuff up?

Our picnic lunch spot...since I have moved to Europe, I tend to LOVE picnics. Maybe because I don't get carried away by flies, mosquitos or swelter to death?!

And showcase the gourmet picnic!

Abbey/Castle up close and personal...

I thought about staying and joining the abbey, but then I thought twice! I don't think they would accept me.

Please stay tuned for part II...Love, The Barnetts


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  1. Julie! This place looks so beautiful! I think these castle pictures are my favorite! Ireland is one place that I really want to visit so keep your notes for me:) And I like that your picnic sandwhich with “mature” cheese cost just a little but more. so fancy ha
    Hope to see you soon!

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