Ireland really is 40 shades of green!


Birthday celebration Part Deux was our trip to Ireland.  Have you ever seen the movie “P.S. I Love You”?  That pretty much sums it up.  Here is Ireland in a nutshell…

1.  Here is our trusty stead.  Oh, and by the way, driving on the wrong side of the road is quite an experience.  At first, you feel like you are going to have a head on collision with every single car you pass.  Not to mention…you have to calculate every single move before you make it, or you WILL have a head on collision!  Will we driving on the wrong side of the road again?  No…that is why they have taxis, buses, and trains!

2.  This may look like a lovely, quaint country road, but this is Ireland’s equivalent to driving on I-40 in the U.S. Thank goodness the cars are tiny because the major highways are too!

3.  Which way?  Who knows.  Directions and GPS systems are not something that Ireland has quite caught up to.  Our GPS would just quit working for hours on end and somehow the Barnett duo managed to drive the entire southern half of Ireland.  Technology.  Who needs it?!

4.  Sheep.  They are everywhere.  Most importantly (and this would have been good information to know ahead of time), they are all over the roads of Ireland.  Grazing.  Grazing. Grazing.  We almost gave new meaning to the phrase “Shepherd’s Pie” a couple of times!

5.  40 shades of green.  Ireland is known for green.  Green grass, green ivy, green trees, green moss, green clovers, green beer.  Ireland didn’t disappoint.  It was some of the most beautiful countryside in the world (or at least from what I know of the world).

6.  Castles.  I can not begin to tell you how many castles there are across Ireland.  Some are tourist attractions, others are hotels.  Some, just sit atop a hillside and beg you to take pictures of them.  I just KNOW this was important hundreds and hundreds of years ago!  Europe loves their castles!

The pictures don’t do Ireland full justice–sorry, we wish you could have been there with us.  But good news, I am back on the “blog wagon”, so get ready to learn all you ever wanted to know (and so much more) about our trip to Ireland 2011!  And the last couple of months in Barnettland.  Bon Ap!


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