Secret Garden…


What happens in the garden…stays in the garden.  Lovely thought, but not as long as I have a camera and a blog.  So, it truly was a lovely garden, but a person can only look at so many lovely cannalillies and gardenia before they must find alternate forms of entertainment.  So, that is exactly what my lovely husband and I did.

By the way, I do hope you have read this entire blog with a lovely Irish accent!  Much better that way…in fact….just lovely!  Here is post #3 (and final) from Connemara Castle and the lovely grounds that surround it.  Bon Ap!

Welcome to the jungle...

And here's what is through door #1...

And this is about the point at which we started to get sick of lilacs and daisies.  So…senior pics time!  Who doesn’t love a good photo shoot?!

He loves to feel pretty!

And so do I!

Gives new meaning to a hanging basket...

These turquoise doors lended themselves to all kinds of great shots 😉


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