A Barnett First: Car Ferry! Very exciting stuff here….read carefully.


As we were driving along on the Irish version of I-40, the road suddenly came to an end.  Yes.  We either stopped the car or we drove directly into a lake.  However, to save the day, there was a tiny little sign that said “Car Ferry”.  This was new to the Barnetts, but we figured it was our best option.  So, next thing we knew…we (and our car) were on a ferry to the other side of the lake.

If you have never been on a car ferry you are missing out.  It is lovely (said with Irish accent).  You just drive that hot little car of yours onto the ferry.  Put ‘er in park.  And wait to get to the other side.  I wish I could drive every road like that.  Anywho, here is our first and only experience on a car ferry…bon ap!

Very excited to drive onto the ferry!

See that white hot diddy? She's ours!

Destination: The Other Side

Enjoying our view of the other side...

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