Guinness in Ireland REALLY is better!


I really don’t like Guinness Beer.  There.  I said it.  I don’t like dark beer and I typically don’t like to chew my beer.  BUT…Guinness in Ireland is truly delish.  No chewing necessary…

And, I must tell you that Irish Pubs are just as you imagine them to be…and much better in Ireland coincidentally as well.  Wonderful, quaint, friendly little places that are carved out of mahogany wood but each with their own character–no two the same.  And, probably my favorite thing about the pubs is their names:  Arse End of Ireland, Filthy McNasty’s, and then the usuals like McAllister’s and Flaherty’s.  A bar with a good name is good enough for me to walk through the door and have a pretty darned good time while I am there!

Go to Ireland.  You will like it.  Bon Ap!

Mmmmm....Guinness (Smithwick's for me)

My little Irishman and his Guinness.

Not exactly and Irish Pub, but a great little street party that we stumbled upon. Verdict: Irish people are all out for a good time at all times!


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