Kissing the Blarney Stone…


Last stop on our Irish whirlwind tour was a stop by the Blarney Castle to kiss the Blarney stone.  Once kissed, this magical stone gives you the gift of eloquence in every situation.  Sooo….that didn’t work apparently!  After kissing the same rock that tens of thousands of people have kissed, I did feel an immense need to Purell my lips immediately after kissing that thing.  And I should mention that you don’t just walk up to a rock and kiss it.  Oh no.  That would be too easy.  You must crawl up the tiniest staircase ever (seriously…it was made for Barbie), lay on your back, squeak out over a small ledge and turn upside down.  Then…MUAH!

Bon Ap!

I was the guinea pig and went first. Hence...the nervous tongue stick-out!

Daniel's make out session with the stone....


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