A fine time with the Vines…


June and July were busy months for the Barnetts.  The last week of June:  Susan and Tommy came to visit.  The first week in July:  we headed to Ireland.  The second week in July:  Jessie and Jason Vines came to visit.  And THAT is exactly what I am going to post about.

College friends, Jessie and Jason Vines came to visit.  Before the visit, I would say they were a lot closer to Daniel since all 3 of them went to school together.  After the visit…I would say I am part of the gang.  Heck…you have no choice but to become close with a few hundred square feet, one toilet, and one open-aired shower!  Yeah, we are pretty much besties now!

We had such a good visit with J&J!  It turns out that they are our “couple doppelganger”.  It was crazy just how similar Jessie and Daniel were (both born on July 1st) and how similar Jason and I were (both December babies).  WEIRD–I never gave much credit to that whole “what’s your sign” business, but there might be a little something there?!

Here are some of the very important highlights from the Vines’ trip to Paris.  Fine times with the Vines…Bon Ap!

First stop...Le Louvre. Believe it or not...my first time to take a photo in front of the pyramid!

Second stop (in one day)...Versailles. Look what good tourists they are being! If you are wondering...I was sitting on a bench at this point.

Meet Jessie. She is wonderful and I am VERY jealous of those cheek bones. I am not sure if I even have cheek bones?!

And now...meet the Vines. Jason and Jessie. Super troopers. We managed to cover Le Louvre AND Versailles in ONE day. Who does that?! Only couples with cool sunglasses straps like Jason. Right Jessie?!

Not pictured here, but we even headed to Sacre Couer and Montmarte on the same day!  Can you tell they were killing a lot of birds with one stone on this particular day?

The next day, we all headed to Monet's Garden. No time for grass to grow under their feet!

Cosmic twins here...

Bro-ski's (I feel like a complete moron that word even could be typed by me!)

Jessie is one of my short friends. I guess she had stunted growth as a child?

We even had time to stop and smell the flowers on this day!


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