Tailgating in Paris…


I still have a lot of catching up to do on the blog, but in the meantime, here is a little taste of our weekend.

We decided to stay in Paris and tailgate for the Razorback game…Paris style!  First, we dressed in our red and whites, packed a picnic and headed over to the park.  Then, when it was just about time to Call those Hogs…Daniel headed over to Pizza Hut and got pizza.  I made a Jell-o cheesecake and got the French beer ready.  Then, at game time (6PM over here), we were able to stream the game live.  Many thanks go out to ESPN for letting us watch Arkansas beat Texas A&M.  It turned out to be a pretty good tailgate and a pretty good day!  Bon Ap!

Sporting our Hog colors...

Wine was our tailgating beverage of choice. Even though we were pretending to be back in Arkansas, you can only pretend so hard!

Daniel loves his alma mater!

It was...delicious!

And so was our final course! Go Hogs!


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  1. Julie- You are coming up on a year of blog posts. And this, is probably one of my favorites. I love the Pizza Hut box. Did Daniel have to ride his bike all the way to London to find it? I think your Paris attempt at tailgating, Drunk Dialing me in the middle of the day, and the “Dear Paris, Eat more bacon. – heart julie” Take the cake thus far in your Bon Appetite narratives. Keep it up OR come home! Love you guys!

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