I mentioned that we stayed the weekend at the Gontard’s.  I did not mention that I was in physical pain for the majority of the weekend.  Why you ask?  Because of a little thing called accrobranche.  Accrobranche is…well….take a look at the photos.  I don’t really know how to describe it other than by saying it is death-defying acts performed in the tree tops of France.  Swinging from ropes, walking on hanging planks, wobbling across rope bridges dangling in the middle of the air, balancing your way across a high wire.  Those are just a few of the activities that made my quads, abs, triceps, calves, gluts, nose, and hair follicles ache.  It was fun, but after needing a fork lift to get out of bed the next morning, I am not sure I would do it again!  Bon Ap!

Here's Fanny getting suited up.

Finally! A picture of Brigitte! Note to self: if helmet, harness, and carabiner clips are needed...avoid, avoid, avoid!

What the H$LL have I gotten myself into?!

Clearly taken BEFORE accrobranche began!

This was taken before as well. simply were not allowed! Absolutely not!

Here is what we were dealing with! They don't really make things easy for you over here. Pretty or die. Literally.


One little tidbit that I didn’t mention (and probably shouldn’t) is the fact that I had to be “saved” by the accrobranche patrol.  There was one lovely maneuver where you had to swing (Tarzan-style) through the air and hopefully grab onto a vertical cargo net.  Well.  I made it across the air and attached to the cargo net.  Then, from there, I was expected to use my huge biceps and get up to the plank.  It wasn’t going to happen.  So, I just sat and waited for the patrol to come and hoist me up.  I might have bellowed “HELP!” a couple of times! 

It isn’t the first time (and won’t be the last time) that I have been embarrassed in France!


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