Weekend at the Gontard’s


After our month-long France hiatus, we returned to our home in Paris.  The very next weekend Jeremy was inviting us to his parent’s country home and we jumped all over it (any excuse to get out of the city, right?).  Well, in all honesty, we didn’t jump all over it at first.  You see…his parents don’t speak the most English and we don’t speak the most French (OK, I don’t speak the most French–Daniel does OK (overachiever)).  So, I was nervous to 1) have a complete language barrier for 2 full days and 2) to look like completely ignorant Americans who haven’t even tried to adjust to life in Paris or learn French.  But, Jeremy assured us that it would be great and besides, his mom really wanted me to teach her country line dancing!  OK!  We’re in!  And I was bringing with country music…Dixie Chicks anyone?

We ended up having an AMAZING weekend and it turns out that Jeremy’s parents reminded me 100% of my own.  The hospitality was unbelievable.  The food.  The drink.  The food.  The drink.  The food.  The drink.  Oh, sorry, but we did a LOT of eating and drinking!  In fact, I think Jeremy’s dad, Michel, was hazing me but I can’t be for sure!

Here is what we did during our weekend in la campagne (the countryside).  Many thanks go out to Brigitte and Michel.  We had an unbelievable weekend and can’t wait to visit again!  Thanks for treating us like your own kids and we still haven’t eaten since we left!  Bon Appetit!

Casa de Gontard's

Hello Fanny! Say..."Fromage"!

I think this photo was taken by a guest photographer: FANNY! Well done mon ami!

Jeremy + Daniel = F R I E N D S

Just the beginning of eating, drinking, eating, drinking, eating, drinking and more eating and drinking.

Brigitte put her men to work. Well, actually, it looks like only one of the men is doing the work! Um, Jeremy?

Ah ha! See? I told you...hazing! This was our aperitif right before we started dinner (which ended at 1AM!).

This is what is left after you serve aperitifs, appetizers, salad, main course, fromage, desert, champagne, and digestifs!

I mentioned we were in the country, but I didn't tell you they had sheep! They love Master Michel!

Meet Granny Sheep. She was my favorite.

Not pictured here:  Brigitte.  I am pretty sure she was in the kitchen the whole weekend!  Well, except for when she was learning country line dancing.  She and Fanny are ready to head to the Electric Cowboy!


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