D-Day Beaches…


After our bellies were full and we had ample amounts of cider, we were ready to head to the D-Day beaches and the American Cemetary.  I have to say…this trip was MUCH better than the last time we visited in 1′ of snow.  My UGGs will never be the same after that trip!

Basically, we walked around.  Mom learned a few things.  I posed for pictures.  Daniel visited his Great-Grandfather’s gravesite again.  That, in a nutshell, sums up visit to D-Day Beaches with The Hanssens.  Bon Ap!

This is a pretty good way to set the scene right before you walk onto the American Cemetary. Don't you just feel super patriotic? I LOVE AMERICA! And I am pretty sure American loves me too!

Funny enough...Dad had never heard of an infinity pool and thought this was über cool!

I must say...this place looked a lot better whilst not covered in snow!

Dad and I goofing off as usual...

Mom took a break from learning long enough to snap a quick photo. Aren't they cute how they color-coordinated?!

Posing for pictures...like I said.

And our final order of business...visit Great-Granddaddy's site!


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