The Hanssens’ European Tour Begins…


Mom and Dad came to visit us in September for 10 days.  At first, when I heard 10 days in our small apartment–all four of us–I was a little…hesitant.  Turns out, it was GREAT to have them and not a single fight was had!  Daniel and I even were able to endure the bunk bed for 10 days–we must be getting used to European beds!  (Sad face ;()

Well, the first thing we did (to break them in nice and easy to Europe) was travel to the small part of France where they like Americans…Normandy (obviously).  So here is Phase I of our trip to the Normandy coast:  Lunch.  On the WAY to Normandy Beaches.  Ha!  Bon Ap!

Lunch of course was our first stop (The Hanssens don't make a habit of skipping meals! ;))

I was not entirely sure how I felt about this stop...? Looks a little not-so-FDA-approved.

Once you get a glass of cider in ya...all FDA approvals don't matter!

And, as a bonus, my picky eater Father found something he just loved. Enter...croque monsier!



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