Hotel Deauville (pr: DOE vill)


Next stop on the agenda was to Deauville, France.  I have mentioned before that Deauville is the ritzy-schmitzy part of France.  Because of that, finding a reasonably priced hotel room was next to impossible, but I am pretty sure I found the last possible affordable room.  And…BONUS…all 4 of us got to stay in one room again (enter…sarcasm here)!

Let me be blatantly honest.  After a year in France, Daniel has turned ME into a tight ass too.  Gone are those days of searching high and low for the perfect, quaint boutique hotel with rich linens, down comforters, and designs on the toilet paper.  Nope.  Now it’s just “Holy Cow!  Look at this deal!”  I miss Old Julie (and those hotels).

Anyway, back to the hotel experience with the cushy-living Hanssens….The funniest part was walking into the hotel room and seeing 1) the size of my parents bed who have slept in nothing but a King-sized bed for the last 39 years and 2) the fact that Daniel and I didn’t really even have a bed.  The “couch” had a small pullout that remained on the floor because that was the only option.  I guess I know why the room was affordable…

My parents’ bed was so small and so low that they had trouble hoisting their way down there (Dad just decided to fall).  By the time they got in bed, both of them (myself included) were laughing so hard that we were crying!  It was pretty funny taking them out of their element and welcoming them to the French Way!  Not to mention the fact that Quinto was completely put out by the fact that they did not supply coffee in the room!  Oh the horror!  Bon Ap!

Gives new meaning to "Two Peas in a Pod".

Giggly little school girls!

I finally got those two to settle down and enjoy the body heat that they would experience in a lovely double bed! Sweet dreams...


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