Moulin Rouge…The Ultimate Letdown


I am not Rick Steves, nor have I ever claimed to be.  However, for those of you who will be coming over to the City of Lights for a visit in the future, I would encourage you to NOT visit Moulin Rouge.  It was really horrible and really expensive!  Our tickets were about $131 per person, our seats saw about 70% of the stage, and the show was 0% impressive.

Yes, there were boobs (very small boobs mind you), there were live ponies, there were male dancers, and there were even live snakes in a pool.  I know…sounds like it would be a good time, but I would really urge you to save your allowance.  The entire time I was watching (and yawning), I felt like I was back at Rogers Little Theater in Rogers, Arkansas watching the monthly “dinner and a show”.  It was a real bummer.  Bon Ap anyway!

Q&L all dressed up and somewhere to go...

Just in case you didn't know where we were...?

Fam portrait!

Since there were tiny boobies in the show, there was no photography allowed….you aren’t missing much!  BUT….Daniel MAY have snuck a few!

This photo REFUSES to rotate, so please rotate your head 90 degrees to the right. Thank you, Management.

About this time I was wishing someone would literally "Break a Leg"!

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