Doghouse Daddy-O…


You will kindly remember that Mom and Dad hit up Le Louvre on Wednesday–well–kinda hit up Le Louvre!  It turns out that Mom was hoping to learn a thing or two and Dad might have been a little….um….uncooperative.  Come Thursday, Dad was all about learning at Versailles.  He even got the audio tour and followed it!  I knew exactly what he was up to–making amends!  Ha ha.  Meanwhile…I trapsed ahead and stopped to sit on every bench and wait on the ‘rents.  I have to admit that I was getting a pretty big kick out of watching my father “pretend learn”.  Well done, Dad!  Bon Ap!

Can't you just see the immense amount of knowledge that is being gained here!?

I think he is slightly annoyed with the audio tour at this point...

Mom, on the other hand, was eating that knowledge up!

"Hey Dad, Do you think you could tell me what this whole Palace thing is all about when you get done?" I have never really listened to my audio tour!


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