I pretty much feel like I have been to Versailles (VER.SIGH.) 932 times at this point.  But, being the loving daughter that I am, I went again with Madre and Padre.  I am going to spare you any further photos of the Palace of Versailles, but here are some lovely family photos (or at least PART of the family–Daniel conveniently had to work!)

We made it through the casa pretty quickly and then out to the gardens.  I think Mom and Dad saw a lot of walking and some more stairs in their future if we decided to wander around the gardens too much, so instead, we found a cute little cafe to have some lunch and drinkies!  Bon Ap!

Close up! Hey, my arms are not very long...what can I say?!

And now…what to eat?  What to drink?  Where to go?  Hmmmm….

This will do just fine! Oh, and the waiter spoke great English--bonus!

Mom and Dad really liked the Oktoberfest Paulaner. Stay tuned....that Paulaner beer will make another appearance at Oktoberfest Munich!


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