Amsterdam or Bust!


Mom and Dad wanted to do a little traveling during their 10-day European vacay.  So…their choice of destinations…Amsterdam.  At the time that my mother was telling me she really wanted to go to Amsterdam, I thought it a little strange, but what the heck…sounds good to me!

A couple of weeks after we booked our tickets, mom called to tell me that some girls at work were telling her that Amsterdam is the maryjane capital of the world.  Oh, and that there is an area…”the redlight district”…that is a very common hooker hangout.  I said, “Yea.  Where have you been?  Under a rock?!”  I thought those were the only 2 things that Amsterdam was known for!

Well, thus began a journey.  I do have to say, we did it up right this time.  Here is our first class ticket to Amsterdam…Bon Ap!

Kicked back and loving first class train tickets!

Daniel and I didn't think they were too shabby ourselves!

NERD ALERT! Daniel downloaded an app to tell us how fast we were going on the train! Yes, there's an APP for THAT!


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