Anne Frank Haus…


This post will now lead you to the educational portion of my blog (don’t worry, just one)!

History is so, so, so NOT my forte.  However, WWII history and the history of the Nazis and Jews and the Holocaust is very much “in my wheelhouse”!  I am very intrigued by it and love to learn about it.  So, naturally, I wanted to visit the Anne Frank museum while we were in Amsterdam.  Not only the museum, but it is the house that they hid in for years until the Nazis discovered their hiding place.  It was so interesting and so sad.

For once, I was the one getting educated!  See for yourself…I bet you can’t help but be interested…Bon Ap!

The house itself...Anne and her family lived here in hiding. Their secret hideaway was camouflaged by a bookcase.

Here is what Anne actually looked like.

As usual...Daniel sneaking illegal photos 😉

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