For the love of souvenirs!


Love ’em.  Big ones, small ones, tacky ones, fancy ones, one size fits all, edible ones.  You name it…I love it!  SOUVENIRS!  If I could just find that one person in life (ahem…Susan) who I could go on vacation with and visit nothing but souvenir shops…life would be simply perfect!  Well, I did manage to convince my parents and Daniel (who can be a hard sell) that we needed to hit up a couple of souvenir shops.  Afterall, I go to every city with a few things in mind.  Would you like some examples?  OK!

London = teapot, photo of William and Kate, photo with red phone booth (see below)…

Uh...check this one off the list! Where is the double-decker red bus next?

Germany = beer stein, Hoffbrau Haus t-shirt

Ireland = lucky horseshoe necklace, something wool

Italy = I will eat my souvenir once I go!

And, finally, Amsterdam = wooden shoes and tulips (check and check!)  Thank you Amsterdam for having a plethora of delightful shops to feed my guilty pleasure!

You know this is a good sign!!!

BONUS! Wooden shoe SLIPPERS! I am wearing them right now as I blog about this. Great purch!

To those of you who adore souvenirs I say, “Bon Ap!”

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