Scooter of my dreams….I think I will name her Annabelle…


I have lived here too long.  I now want to trade in my fancy new Highlander for a Vespa Scooter.  What’s wrong with me!!!!???  Actually, nothing is wrong with me.  They didn’t offer the Highlander in power blue.  Therefore…scooter wins!

She is going to be a real beaute around the streets of Little Rock…the wind  in my hair, the pavement under my feet….oh the looks I will get!  “Look at that B**CH!  She’s gone lost her mind!”  There is no way you can look at little Annabelle here and tell me you wouldn’t just fall in love with her.  In fact, I dare to bet that most of you would be begging me to pick you up for work/dinner/movies/etc.  Who doesn’t want to feel this little hot rod’s power beneath their booty?

Coming to a Little Rock near you (as soon as I convince Daniel it is safe to drive ‘er on a road that is NOT just my driveway)…

This is a duo that was MEANT to be. Soulmates!

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