Boat tour + Hanssens = Obviously.


We have already sailed the seven seas of the Seine River, so naturally, we had to float the 700 canals of Amsterdam via watercraft.  It’s what we do!  It’s how we roll!  And, if you didn’t know this about Amsterdam, it is a city built on the canals, so there was a LOT to float through!  Bon Ap!

Our sailing vessel...

I forgot to mention that besides bikes, mary jane and canals, houseboats are the next biggest thing! I guess it is cheaper to live on the water than on land?!

The cutest parents on the block (or canal as the case may be!)

Best thing about NOT being in France? I got to break out the bright colors again! I missed you yellow shirt!

Even Dan the Man decided it was time to rock 2 things that Parisians hate...1) color and 2) plaid. You go babe!


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