I saw Paris. I saw France. I don’t think staying awake on the plane has a chance!

After 10 short days, 2 amazing trips away from Paris, countless cocktails, too many meals, and unmeasurable fun….Mom and Dad headed back to Arkansas!  We were really sad to see them go…it wasn’t the same after they took off in the taxi for Charles De Gaulle Aeroport.  Sniff sniff.
To Mom and Dad:  Thank you so much for coming to visit us and experiencing “life as we now know it” for yourselves.  It was so fun…taking you on the metro with your luggage…taking you to hotels without endless supplies of coffee (gasp!)…making you sleep in tinsy, tiny beds…helping you read the French menus…hearing you speak “Fringlish” to any and everyone you met…and taking you to the French grocery store that I love/hate so much!
We will never forget the Hanssens Takeover Tour of 2011!   Bon Ap!

Goodbye Paris! Love, The Hanssens.


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