Why do these things happen to me?


In the past week alone, I have made a few blunders that I really need to get off my chest.  For some reason, these things only seem to happen to me and no one else. And the sad thing is that I try very hard to avoid things like this over here….

Example #1.  I dropped my shopping cart on a baby.  Yep.  There I was a Carrefour market unloading my groceries and my cart decided to take a nosedive backwards (probably because my heavy purse was hanging on the back of it).  BAM!  Cart landed on baby in a stroller.  The mother gave me a horrendous look and then proceeded to pack up all of her groceries and move to another line.  Being that I have limited French banter, all I could think of to say was “Pardon”.  Enemy made…

How do you say "Sorry Baby. I didn't mean to make you cry?!" in French???


Example #2.  I have been telling all of the nice people of France “nice ass” for the past year.  It’s true.  After an entire 30 minute conversation with Jeremy and Fanny last night, it turns out I have been saying “Merci Beaucoup” wrong the entire time.  Worst part is I still don’t know how to say it right.  It is a difference of “cue” and “coo”.  Merci BeauCUE or Merci BeauCOO????  Beats me!  I think I will stick with “Merci” from this point forward.  Who really needs to say ‘thank you very much’….I think ‘thank you’ will do just fine!

Way to go, Julie.  You are an amazing French girl.  Well done….bon ap!


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