I’m leavin’ on a night train…


My bucket list does not consist of much, but there are 2 destinations that I want to visit before I kick the bucket:  1) Australia and 2) Oktoberfest Munich.  Recently, I got to check one of these little destinations off my list—I will give you a hint—it included mass amounts of beer, lederhosen, oompah music, and massive steins (great for the biceps which have gotten  little droopy as of late).  Yep…you guessed it…Oktoberfest Munich!

There was one downside to checking this particular item off my bucket list:  the night train.  Basically, we rode—overnight—in a moving box with 6 bunk beds (piled 3 high).  Oh, and to make matters even better…I was with 5 guys who all stripped down to their skivvies and settled in for a night of sugar plums and chocolate kisses.  Meanwhile, I remained fully cloaked in full wardrobe and full make-up.  Awesomeness.

Regardless, me and “da boyz” loaded up that moving box on wheels and headed to Oktoberfest 2011.  Was it everything I dreamed and more?  ABSOTOOTIFROOTEDLY!  It was perfect (minus the 30-minute wait for le toilette).  Once we got off the night train, it was nothing but barley, hops and blue skies from that point forward…bon ap!

Yes...6 people were to sleep in the space shown here. Let's not think about the hygiene (or lack thereof) involved with this scenario!

Boys weekend (+ Julie) has begun....

Probably taken directly AFTER not sleeping on the night train...


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