I’m sorry baby cow…:(


Aside from the occasional competitive beer chugging contest, something else noteworthy happened at the Hofbrauhaus that night….I ordered incredibly badly!  Normally, I order like a real professional.  Seriously, people usually have food envy on my choices made in the restaurant.  Being that I am a good portion German, I felt confident going in.  I ordered “The meatloaf and 1 bier”.

A little while later, my “meatloaf” arrived and it was a GIANT slice of hot dog!  I do NOT—under any circumstances—eat hot dogs!  Daniel must have seen my eyes bug out of my head when it arrived and swiftly swooped in to save the day.  He traded dinners with me (my hero!).  Bad news was that he ordered veal, but I made an exception to my rule of “not eating baby cows” because his veal was DELICIOUS and deep fried and at least it was NOT a hot dog!

Thank goodness I did not have to eat the GIANT HOT DOG LOAF.  Bon Ap!


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