Olympic Village…


Once I finally rounded up the troops after the BMW museum (it was like herding cats), we walked over to the Olympic Village Park.  At this point, we were all feeling the lack of sleep on the night train and probably those mid-afternoon brewskys so we did, in fact, take a nap in the middle of the park.  Before we all zonked out, here were the highlights from Munich’s Olympic Park…Bon Ap!

The Olympic Tower was built in 1972 for the Summer Olympics.

The view from the top was pretty great...here is the Olympic Stadium.

And, of course, we got to see the BMW Museum one more time. Whew!

Here is the crazy goose was determined not to let us take a nap in the park. He would NOT go away!

It didn't take long for Jeremy to get in on the fun and feed the goose. He was never leaving for sure now...!

That pretty much sums up our time at the Olympic Village.  Nap…check!  What’s next on Boys Weekend 2011?


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