Off to the races…


Typically, guests come to Paris and immediately want a nap and shower to start recovering from jet lag.  Anna and Jenna?  Absolutely not (what was I thinking?)!  They were ready to head off to the races (or in this case…wine festival).  And…so….we dropped their bags at the apartment and headed to the train.  There could not have been a better coincidence…what are the odds that the annual wine festival was booming at Montmarte when ANNA and JENNA arrived in Paris?  Too perfect!  I am a great tour guide!  😉

I don’t know how they did it, but there was no rest for the weary.  Here is a look at Day #1.  In the end, the girls were up for 36 hours before they got a little loopy and needed to lay their heads down for a cat nap.  Can we go to bed now?  I am tired!

Bon Ap!

As is NOT typical in the USA, Daniel bought us a lovely bottle of wine (only 1 of course!) from a street vendor. What a delightful afternoon!

Cheers Gals!

So there we sat on the stairs of Sacre Couer and sipped on sizzer.

Surrounded by thousands of our closest friends...

And what wine festival is complete without a....umm....well....I am not really sure what this was???


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