Public Transport? No problem!


They might have had a severe case of jet lag at this point, but they were both still so smart.  So…enter….learning the Paris Subway System.  For being awake for 36 hours, I would say they did pretty good.  So good, in fact, that we had to document it.

Their learning styles could not be more different.  Anna is a bit of a smarty pants and wants to lead the way.  Meanwhile, Jenna sits back and acts aloof–meanwhile–she is taking every single bit of it in.  Between those two, they successfully did NOT get lost in France.  Whew…I am sure Momma Patti and Momma Julie would not have taken kindly to that phone call, “Ummm…I have lost your daughters!”  Bon Ap!

"Hmmmm....which way to home?"

"I SO got this!" *cheese*


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