Random Acts of Tourism…


Over the course of seven days, there was a LOT of random acts of tourism.  I think these all pretty much speak for themselves…Bon Ap!

Jenna packed so many scarves for her French-cation that there was a need for a vacuum pack! Pretty sure she wore them all!

Exhibit #1: What happens when an all-day wine festival is attended by four crazy Americans!

Daniel was trying like hell to give the "wall statute" a high-five. Swing and a miss...

Attempt at being sexy like Marilyn Monroe. And, again, swing and a miss!

"Pocket Jenna" (inside joke) had an umbrella just waiting in her purse for the slightest bit of rainfall. Enter...rainfall and Jenna was in action!


They look pretty darned good for being up and at 'em for 36 hours!!! Super troopers!

I think it is time for us all to head home!

Enough wine = I think I can hide behind my metro map!?

Here, she is demonstrating just how jealous of my not-wooden-but-look-wooden slippers she really is!

Sleeping Beauty: Night #1..."I just need a little cat nap!"


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