They get around!


Sadly, I couldn’t convince the girls to come all the way over to Paris and forego a few things.  Nothing big, just a few sites that they really could do without if you look at the big picture.  You know…things like…The Catacombs, Le Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles, etc.  Just a few small sights.  I mean, they did come to see me after all, right?  Or was it the free room and board….?  Either way, they didn’t listen and we ended up hitting the hot spots of Paris.  Here is a glimpse of sightseeing with Miss Anna and Miss Jenna.  Bon Ap!

The Catacombs were still creepy and I still felt like I was breathing in bone dust!

Notre Dame...Nice scarf, Jenna!

Bonus at Notre Dame...crazy bird man! Seriously? Grody birds flapping all over this guy was just like a train wreck!

Bonjour Eiffel Tower!

The Champs Elysees (Jenna? Another scarf?--it's amazing what a vac pack can hold!)

And The Arc de Triomphe...

The girls photos of Le Louvre was just about as blurry as my parents. Girls? Were you RUNNING through the museum?

Hmmm? Seems like many of their photos seem to include nude, male figures?

This photo made me laugh. Were they trying to demonstrate the chaos that IS Le Louvre?

I can't be for certain, but I THINK this is The Mona Lisa?

My sentiments exactly, Anna.

And, last but not least, the Palace of Versailles. Well done my little tourists...that just about covers it!


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