Segway Tour 2011…


Add this one to the tour books!  Segway tours are amazing and so fun!  I had been waiting for the perfect “suckas” to do this with me and Anna and Jenna fit the mold perfectly!  We showed up at 8AM for Segway class and were promptly greeted by our tall-drink-of-water tour guide from North Carolina.  Next, the rest of the class began to show up.  We had one woman from Singapore and then another couple from the Czech Republic.  Quickly, the three of us rose to the top as teacher’s pets.  Then we began to test our skills and belive it or not, we were still at the head of the class.  Next…the tour began.  We were fitted for lovely safety caps and our personal mode of transportation for the day…off we go!

We quickly had to get rid of the Singapore chick as our group leader. So slow!  So, the three of us zipped right by her and pulled in right behind our crush for the day!  The 4 hour tour was great!  We saw some sites.  We felt the wind in our hair.  We saw one of our group members CRASH his Segway.  Yes…I did say CRASH.  And, yes, I did say HIS.  The only guy in the group was the one and only to throw his segway into a wall.  That, right there, was worth the $80! (oh, BTW, he was fine and not injured).

Bon Ap!

Very serious...

Memories to last a lifetime!

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