Guest Blogger: Daniel Goes To Moscow


It wasn’t hard to decide where to go; Russia had always been strangely interesting to me.  It also wasn’t hard to convince my buddies Jeremy and Vincent to go with me; they were always up for a trip no matter how bizarre.  But none of us knew how hard it would be to get a Russian visa.  It turns out a mound of paperwork (completed in duplicate), three weeks without a passport (not as easy as you think in Europe), two trips across Paris to the visa company, and 168 euros (twice the amount the French Fellas paid because apparently America makes war with everyone) is all it takes to receive this beauty!

Can anyone read Cyrillic?

So let the trip begin.  We left Paris on a jet plane headed for the former USSR with a pit stop in Vienna, Austria.

The fellas deciding if we should have another beer before landing

Something I forgot to mention is that I let Jeremy talk me into staying in a hostel for the weekend.  Anyone who knows me knows how this goes against EVERYTHING I stand for!!  So during the layover in Austria we drew straws to determine which two shared the private room and which one was unlucky enough to stay in the dormitory.  I believe the photo speaks for itself!


It was about 12:30 when we landed in Moscow and adrenaline was running high.  A good thing because we began the daunting task of finding our driver Alexei.  Good thing we looked like foreigners because Alexei recognized us immediately!

Alexei's car = vintage 1995 Lada = Supersonic (1 of 5 English words he knew)

A little over an hour later (now nearly 2:30am) and we arrived at Godzilla’s Hostel.  I don’t know why anyone would spend money on the Four Seasons when they could have these lovely accommodations for the price of breakfast!  In all fairness a few shots of vodka made these beds look a lot more comfortable!

While visions of the KGB danced in my head...

All kidding aside, Moscow was undeniably amazing.  The city was spotlessly clean, the people were curiously interesting, the buildings are incredibly huge, and the night life was like a caviar raft on a river of vodka.  Enough babble.  Sit back and enjoy the amazingness that was Moscow.


Saint Basil's Cathedral really was this beautiful...and yep, I actually did take this pic!

A quick stop at the Cosmonaut Museum. It looks like Yuri's space suit may be a little small for me.

The Kremlin walls

Inside the Kremlin

Good night Moscow!

Oh yeah….Bon Ap!


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  1. Guest blogger? It did seem like a longer read….just sayin’! Ha ha! Awesome pics Dan. Glad you kids are really living it up while you are over there!

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