Take me to the theatre…


Since we had a few extra days to burn the weekend of Thanksgiving, we decided a return trip to London was in order.  This time, we decided a little culture was the main event–the theatre (said with a very British accent).  In all honesty, it was all part of my secret personal agenda since July when I gave Daniel a voucher for 2 tickets to The Lion King for his birthday!  Since then, we added another little diddy to our must-see list:  Phantom of the Opera.  Both were such amazing choices and if I had to pick between them…I honestly don’t know which I would choose? (OK–probably Lion King).

"MYYYYYY Tapenga. Boga ditchu muba"

Lyceum Theatre

Her Majesty's Theatre

And the view from the "not-so-cheap seats"

Needless to say, going to the theatre was the main objective, but we still had time for some extra activities too.  I LOVE a good zoo and London’s was pretty darned good.  Highlights included: giraffes, lions, tigers, penguins, and reindeer (the one and only, Comet).  Comet, coincidentally, flew in from the North Pole just for the weekend!

Comet! Where's Rudolph? Or Dasher? Or Dancer? Or Vixen?

One other incredible experience that I can’t leave out…afternoon high tea in London.  My life will never be the same.  As Daniel puts it, “I live for the pomp and circumstance”.  He’s right…I loved every last bit of it–right down to the last drop–ha ha!  I love the tea.  I love the cream in the tea.  I love the little, bitty teapots.  I love the scones.  I love the little cucumber sandwiches with no crust.  I love the crumpets.  It was wonderful and I truly wish I could do high tea every day of my life!

All-in-all, I would say London is one of our favorites and we may never get back, but we sure do have some memories that we will never forget!  Thank you, London, for being awesome-tastic!  Bon Ap!


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