This week’s mishap…


As usual…something went wrong when I went to the market.  Let’s see….what has gone wrong at the market in the past year?:  1) Credit cards (all of them) didn’t work with their machines.  2) Who the hell knows how to weigh the fruit here?  3) Setting off the security alarms for no known reason  4) Dropping my cart and all of my purchases on a baby (yeah, that was a real highlight).  And…now…

#5…In an attempt at being a good wife, I ran to the market to get my husband neopolitans (a dessert he was craving).  Needless to say, SOMETHING had to go wrong.  Instead of buying him a package of neopolitans, I somehow ended up bringing home two huge loaves of neopolitan.  I tell ya….nothing goes right for me at Carrefour Market.  I am not going to miss that place!  Bon Ap!

Excuse this is just bad.

Happy slicing, Daniel!


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