Happy Valentine’s Day!


I have always…and will always….LOVE Valentine’s Day!  I don’t understand the haters?  What is there to hate about a day devoted to everyone you love and who loves you?  To all of my friends and family, Happy Valentine’s Day–I LOVE YOU!  BE MINE?!

Daniel and I are headed to Rome this weekend for a Valentine’s getaway, but I thought I would surprise the world’s best husband with a little treat when he woke up.  He loved it and I have a special dinner planned for him as well (courtesy of Picard Frozen Foods–thank you very much :)).

I wish you all a wonderful day full of hugs, kisses, and love!  Bon Ap and XOXOXOXO!

A box of chocolates and a love letter for my love.

And...my love himself!


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  1. I LOVE you. And I LOVE that you have always loved Vday! In memory of Whitney, “I will always love you!” xoxoxoxoxo Have a great, safe, fun and amazing trip. You will definitely say BON APP when you return from Rome!

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