Countdown Begins: 15 days


Seems like I am always counting something down these days.  How many days ’til we go to Rome?  How many days ’til Daniel comes back to Arkansas?  How many days ’til Christmas?  How many days ’til Zach Brown Concert?  How many days ’til Saturday?  You get the point.  Well, this time, I am counting down the days ’til my little fur babies belong to ME again!

My parents have been the best for the past 1.5 years to watch Miller and Asher and take such good care of them–probably better care of them than I do.  BUT…it is time for us to be reunited!  15 days and I will have my babies back home in Little Rock (well, with the exception of Daniel, but I will take what I can get)!  I can’t wait!  Bon Ap!

Affectionately: Monkey Doodle Butt

And...Asherilious Maximus


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