Luxembourg with the Wilsons…


It has been funny watching Daniel and his best friends from college during post-graduation.  Apparently, every single one of them didn’t like Arkansas and decided that all other corners of the world are better (Boston, San Diego, Nevis Island, Paris–basically nowhere close to the great state of Arkansas).  Here’s the best part…in the past 6 months….they have all moved back to Arkansas and we couldn’t be happier to be back together.  Now….?  If Daniel and I could just get back there!

Two of Daniel’s best friends, Daniel Wilson and Kelly Wilson, were planning a trip to Luxembourg for Kelly’s 30th birthday.  Naturally, since we were so close, we were going to help celebrate the big day!  And, so, our road trip to Luxembourg, Luxembourg began.  Bon Ap and Happy Birthday Kelly!

I took this as a good sign. It isn't every day you see a cab with Christmas lights! Nevermind the fact that our GPS would NOT stay on the windshield!?

Meet Daniel Wilson. He is wonderful!

Meet Kelly Wilson. She is wonderful. I have no idea who the other two men are?

Kelly is an architect. So, naturally, we had to visit an ancient castle or two!

As far as anything ancient goes...this one was pretty much made for me. It had a craft fair throughout the entire castle. So, while Kelly became more educated...I became more broke!

Not only crafts, but they had a Barbie display. As for this Barbie display....the only word....CREEPY! Many of the Barbie's sported a haircut similar to what I would have given back in 1984!

The happy couple...

Each night on our way to dinner, we had to trek over this pedestrian bridge. I was terrified of this thing. It was so high, so old, and so long. I could feel my heart rate jump when we started. Ugh....are you suuuure it is the only way to eat?!



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