We’ll be home for Christmas…and we were!


I had made peace with the fact that we were going to be alone on Christmas–in Paris–for the second year in a row.  Then, Daniel came home from work one day and asked if I wanted to go home for Christmas.  Obviously…yes.  So, a couple thousand miles later, we landed in Little Rock.

From there, Christmas “vacation” was a whirlwind.  It was wonderful to be around friends and family this year–we needed some good, old-fashioned, family time!  I am pretty much going to spell our holidays out with photos or this blog post will turn into 22 paragraphs, so Bon Ap and Ho Ho Ho!

Pre Christmas Activities Begin…

Daniel headed up to NWA a few days early to get some good bonding time in. He had such a good time with everyone!

This little dude cracks me up!

Here is Daniel's mom loving on the new addition to the family, Miss Micah.

Marley has gotten so big! The whole gang headed to Springtown for a little ice skating. I think they had an OK time!

Christmas Eve-Eve has now begun…

Merry Christmas Pappy Q! Can you tell who I get my "festive nature" from?!

Christmas Eve-Eve with the Sharpe Gals! Always a holiday hoot and a half!

Parker, is that a tennis ball you are gnawing on? (You will see that tennis ball again shortly....!)

Please notice where that tennis ball ended up! Bon Ap, Susan!

And the gift that has created monsters....The Keurig! Mom and Dad can't get enough of that thing--I mean, look how happy Mom is!?

No. I am not electrifying. That is my christmas lights necklace! And matching earrings!

Christmas Eve is here and Santa is coming to Jerry’s house!

Me and my little buddy, Miss Marley!

Mr. Reese with Granny. We were so lucky to spend Granny's last Christmas with her...we didn't know it at the time, but it was a real blessing! We miss you Granny and we love you!

And now for Christmas Morning…

Let's start with a little doggy dressing. We wouldn't want the little babies to get a chill! And...it was funny because they won't even move when you put these things on. It is the little things that entertain me...

Kindred Spirits...me and Tommy! (BIL)

There is no place like home for Christmas. We know that more now than ever! Christmas 2011 was one for the books!


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