What the cat will do while I am away…


For once, when I say “cat”…I DON’T mean Daniel.  I mean…the cat, Asher.

I meant to publish this one a while ago and got side tracked with being a blog slacker, so what better day than today?  Here are a few shots of my kitty kat at Mom and Dad’s house.  They love to call him the “mighty hunter” because he crouches through all of their trees and bushes and acts like he has any cat senses what-so-ever.  I am going to be honest….Asher is not athletic.  He can not get over my parents fence.  He can not catch birds.  He can not catch mice.  He can, however, catch a few bugs–not flies though.

He has had a fun time for the past 1.5 years living in the jungle, but now I am going to have to end his fun and bring him back to live with me!  Don’t worry, he will love that too!  Bon Ap!


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